Here’s our menu for Thursday, July 13th!🎉We’ll be at the Spenard Food Truck Carnival at Koots from 11-2 (or sell out)💕 If you’d like to preorder just DM us what you’d like and email to send an invoice to. Invoices must be paid by 8 am and orders must be picked up by 2 on Thursday. No refunds for orders not picked up. Thank you!
Cupcake Flavors: 4-$19 6-$28 12-$54 Gluten Free .50c extra each cupcake FLAVORS:
•Strawberry Shortcake Crumble (strawberry cake, vanilla buttercream, strawberry shortcake crumble) •Misfit (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate sprinkles) •Honey Lemon Lavender Ricotta (lemon ricotta cake, honey lavender buttercream, lemon curd) •Red Velvet Nutella (red velvet cake, Nutella buttercream, Nutella drizzle, chopped hazelnuts) •Dance Party (vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream) •Green Riot (blueberry cake lavender cake with matcha buttercream) •PB Bomb (chocolate cake, pb buttercream dipped in chocolate ganache) •Baklava (honey spice cake, honey cream cheese frosting, baklava walnut filling topping) •Lemon Ricotta (lemon ricotta cake, lemon cream cheese frosting) •Cinnamon Roll (vanilla cake with cinnamon roll swirl, cream cheese frosting, mini cinnamon roll ) •Ruby Soho (classic red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting) •Fruity Pebbles (vanilla cake, Fruity Pebbles buttercream, Fruity Pebble crumble) •Oreo (chocolate cake, Oreo baked in, Oreo buttercream)
VEGAN •GF/Vegan Lemon Passionfruit
GLUTEN FREE •GF Vegan Lemon Passionfruit
OTHER •Jar Cakes-$12 Cinnamon Tiramisu(cinnamon vanilla cake, coffee syrup soak, whipped mascarpone, cocoa powder)or Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (vanilla cake, strawberry rhubarb compote, house whip, oat crisp crumble) •’Nana Pudding-$10 (regular or snickerdoodle shortbread)
Bake, Rattle & Roll! The best artisanal cupcakes, etc. that Anchorage has to offer! Everything made with love from scratch.
(907) 441-9327