Good Evening BBQ Fans! What a beautiful solstice sunset! Alaska is a incredibly beautiful and unpredictable place to live. Just when you think it’s smooth sailing, a storm pops up out of nowhere and makes you rethink your path. Sometimes you just have to take shelter and wait it out. I am positive if you have lived here in our beautiful state for any length of time, you can relate! I believe now is that time… we are gonna lay low until after Christmas. We want to thank you all for coming to see us, in all kinds of weather and supporting our family for the last fews years! We love ❤️ making our handcrafted BBQ and serving our community. We definitely owe you all a debt of gratitude. We love you all! 💋 Merry Christmas 🎄 we will you See next week Wednesday 12/28/22 at the Laughing Salmon Cannabis shop from 12-6pm, we will be Thinking warm Southern thoughts! We are smoking up some cheesy grits, collard greens and pork belly for our famous BBQ bowl we like to call “The southerner”
All food is from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. Proud Alaskans, who love to make exceptional food from high quality ingredients. Our meat is slow smoked with hickory & mesquite wood over sixteen hours. Come early to claim your favorite BBQ delights!
(907) 355-8019