Good morning BBQ fans! What a spectacular sunrise this morning! The air is crisp and clear, the normal sounds are non-existent do to the 4 feet of snow piled up everywhere. There is an eerie stillness all around, only the crunching of the snow beneath my feet and the whisps of smoke lingering over the trailer roof. Suddenly the intoxicating smell of hardwood and roasting pork mixed with the sweet aroma of Barbecue Babes “crack” sauce, smacks you in the face and your belly instantly rumbles, the morning sample session is on! We are gearing up for a busy afternoon at Green Degree on the corner of Clapp rd & KGB where Clapp turns into Fairview loop, today Sunday 12/18/22 from 12:30-5:30pm🥰 Today’s special is Prime Rib Cottage Pie- Tender bites of prime rib in rich brown sauce with peas & carrots, topped with roasted garlic Parmesan mashed potatoes and melting white cheddar for $15
Our potato bowl flavor is sour cream and cheddar topped with pork belly burnt ends for $16 See you all soon!
All food is from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. Proud Alaskans, who love to make exceptional food from high quality ingredients. Our meat is slow smoked with hickory & mesquite wood over sixteen hours. Come early to claim your favorite BBQ delights!
(907) 355-8019