Good Morning BBQ Fans! It’s Sunday Funday! What a beautiful sunrise! I feel very rested for some reason🤔. Could that be because we gained an hour today? Quite possibly. One thing is for sure… it didn’t effects the smoker. It did it’s job and we are gearing for a busy afternoon at Green Degree on the Corner of Clapp and KGB where Clapp turns into Fairview loop from 12-6pm If your coming or going to the Holiday festival at the Menard Sports Center, stop in for one of our Famous pulled pork Mac n cheeses 🔥🔥🔥or one of our smokehouse potato bowls loaded with your favorite smoked meat. They are delicious, fast and filling, sure to warm up your belly and put a smile on your face😊 Todays flavor is sour cream & cheddar mashed potatoes loaded with pork belly burnt ends, a splash of babes sauce and a sprinkle of cheese for $16 Come grab lunch or a snack for later!🥰
All food is from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. Proud Alaskans, who love to make exceptional food from high quality ingredients. Our meat is slow smoked with hickory & mesquite wood over sixteen hours. Come early to claim your favorite BBQ delights!
(907) 355-8019