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Wednesday, June 15
πŸ’œ I’m shamelessly asking for y’all to come out and buy ALL my baked goods this week. My husband and I both being down for covid at the same time REALLY hurt us financially. He will get covid pay, but not for 2 weeks. I don’t have anything like that because I’m self employed. I CAN bake all the things and am happy to be back in the kitchen, so PLEASE come buy my deliciousness! πŸ’œ
🀀 Sourdough Biscuit and Gravy Rolls! Tons of sausage in the homemade Southern style gravy! Limited Gluten free available! 🀀
πŸ₯– Remember that cheddar jalepeno bread? This time I’m making it into sandwich rolls! Gluten free available!πŸ₯–
🧁 Cupcake flavor of the day is Lemon Sourdough with Strawberry Buttercream. Gluten free available! 🧁
Cakes: *Sourdough Pancake *Blueberry Sourdough Pancake *Vanilla Sourdough *Marbled Sourdough *Chocolate Sourdough
Frostings: *Maple *Vanilla *Chocolate *Cream Cheese
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