Well Anchorage, the knee has taken its toll and I must close up the truck a few weeks earlier than we had planned for.
We are officially close for the winter as of today 9/26/22.
It has been our pleasure to serve y’all the best Carolina Pulled Pork the tastiest New Orleans Shrimp Po’ Boys and our authentic Miami Cuban Sandwich as well as the flakiest English Tavern Battered Cod fish & chips.
Once the knee gets right, we do plan to offer catering services over the winter and we are test Kitching some new menu items for next spring….
So, with that, stay chilly, be safe and have a great winter…we will see you in March/April 2023 for another fantastic summer of food truck delights!
Jerome’s Kitchen started in 2014 with a love of cooking my Grandmother’s Southern recipes. Starting as a hobby I learned to recreate speciality foods from my time living in the areas and developing a love for the dish.
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