Our good friends from Hillbilly Kooking with Mamaw & Pops came over to give Wasilla another option for a Saturday night. We are here till 7 PM tonight.
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It’s been a beautiful day today. We had a fantastic day at the 14th Annual Emergency Preparedness Expo. So we decided to extend our day and move on over to Duke’s Sweets & Treats where they have opened up a new Ice cream shop with there delicious Boozy Ice Cream located at 771 W Wasair Dr. Wasilla behind the AIH store. We will be here until 8pm tonight 9/24. Come on and see us and feed your Southern side while indulging in some amazing ice cream. Hope to see you here๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
The first AK Mobile Retailer of Tipsy Scoop – Liquor Infused Ice Cream. Our Vendor Trailer will be offering Tipsy Scoops & Amazing Sundaes along with Regular Scoops & Sundae options as well. Tipsy Scoop Pints are also available
(907) 357-9200