Gooooood moooorrrrrnnnning ANCHORAGE!!!
After waking up this morning and re-reading the article listing Jerome’s Kitchen in the top 12 Food Trucks to visit while in Anchorage….
I have to say…NO I MUST acknowledge that this – our success isn’t a me thing…ITS AN US THING!!!!!
I started this adventure, but I have had the support of family, friends, former work colleagues, a awesome staff, other food truckers and a clientele in Anchorage and some from the valley that gave me drive, hope, encouragement and the necessary infrastructure to make this honorable inclusion.
AND of course my many customers, bringing a friend and returning to the truck week after week is all the testament I need to know we have good eats, but honors such as this make the day brighter.
With that said, please know… that I know…without their/your support, I’d not be here writing this.
Thank you one and all!!
Jerome’s Kitchen started in 2014 with a love of cooking my Grandmother’s Southern recipes. Starting as a hobby I learned to recreate speciality foods from my time living in the areas and developing a love for the dish.
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