Hey there Spenard Farmers Market patrons.
We will be serving 10:30 till 2:00 tomorrow (7/31/22)
Unfortunately our yeast was DOA with our Cubano Bread making tonight. Honestly I think I used to hot of water when I was proofing it.
I assure you next week we will have Cubano’s, but for now… Lo siento, no más para mañana
But we will have our delicious Carolina Pulled Pork, our ever delightful New Orleans shrimp Poboy in our ever popular fish and chips. And don’t forget our brisket hotdog on the soft pretzel bun. 
Jerome’s Kitchen started in 2014 with a love of cooking my Grandmother’s Southern recipes. Starting as a hobby I learned to recreate speciality foods from my time living in the areas and developing a love for the dish.
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