There are Soo many good options out there and a ton of hardworking individuals and families working everyday, busting their butts to bring their best to the folks of Alaska.
We are just a small fish in a big pond. But we hope that you have enjoyed the desserts and sundaes we have served out of our lil ice cream trailer. We have loved every minute and enjoy seeing all the happy faces πŸ‘€ ☺️ Thank you all for following us and finding us when we are out and about! ❀️
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Category: Food Truck
The first AK Mobile Retailer of Tipsy Scoop – Liquor Infused Ice Cream. Our Vendor Trailer will be offering Tipsy Scoops & Amazing Sundaes along with Regular Scoops & Sundae options as well. Tipsy Scoop Pints are also available
(907) 357-9200