Good morning BBQ fans! Summertime! It just makes you want to call off your responsibility, throw your fishing gear in the car and head to your favorite lake for an afternoon of fish/napping 💤. That’s when you go fishing but don’t expect to catch any fish. Simple set you chair on the dock, cast out your worst lure (the one sure not to catch a fish)😂adjust your hat to hide your face from the sun and take a nice peaceful nap. Ahhhh! So peaceful. Until your belly starts talking to you. It can wake you out of a good afternoon nap if you have not satisfied it’s hunger. I can tell you from personal experience there nothing like our smokehouse potato bowl to put you in a good food coma. On your way to the lake, stop in for your BBQ favorite treat to help keep your belly happy 😊 Todays smokehouse potato bowl flavor is country butter loaded with pulled pork, a splash of sauce and sprinkle of cheese for $16 🔥🔥🔥 Come find us today at the MatCom Building (former Wasilla PD) on the Parks Highway across from Arbys Drive thru on your way from The Alaska Club. We are open from 12-6pm 🥰 See you soon!
All food is from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. Proud Alaskans, who love to make exceptional food from high quality ingredients. Our meat is slow smoked with hickory & mesquite wood over sixteen hours. Come early to claim your favorite BBQ delights!
(907) 355-8019