Steak Cookoff Association is coming back to Alaska in August! We’ll be set up at Cgh420 Wasilla with amazing views over Wasilla Lake. There’s room for RVs, camping, and tons of competitors! There will be a DOUBLE Steak contest, a chicken wings contest, a Kid’s hot dog comp, and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN THE SCA WORLD- BBQ SUNDAES! This comp is going to be so much fun! Be sure to go sign up today!…[0]=AT3TdAp6dh9F0rMOTB5SG6vW8r0NcFOn9y9TOzkBClPPfCCbeCAVEv9Evc1Dp_m7Bb31J63fXi1s7LvvfeFA-Sn7qd3zziHoj6oWeV00MtLQbB9vMvala6PS1KoJ7cYRu3zZfTWfWHJTbG51efoUeor2RGw-V5hyGCx_DqD_oKgI76rFU4r3c4Vf7b0kQ9x7tsTYc-CKwsVcsccCA3G01AqYW7T-CznM3g
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