☀️It’s a GLORIOUS Sunday Y’ALL!☀️
🌾It’s the last day of Colony Days Palmer Alaska🌾There are lots of 🚚Food Trucks🚚, lots of 🎨local craft vendors🎨 and lots of 😃FUN for everyone!😃 The festivities are located at 723 S Valley Way from 11am-6pm. We’re serving up our Standard Menu of Cajun Faves: ⚜️Gumbo ⚜️Red Beans & Rice ⚜️Boudin Balls**Limited Quantity ⚜️Spicy Andouille Po’Boys ⚜️Shrimp Po’Boys ⚜️Catfish Po’Boys ⚜️Kiddie Shrimp ⚜️Cajun Crinkles ⚜️Dis and Dat Dip
💛Y’all have a Beautiful Blessed Sunday!💛
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