Wow just realized it was 4yrs ago we introduced Fairbanks to our Detroit style pizza. and man have we made a lot of them. It was our second regional style of Pizza we bought to Fairbanks. Since then we’ve shared many more it only made sense. Since Alaska has so many ppl from all the Country living here. We still have a couple more top (popular) styles of pizzas on the way. Who would have ever known that there was so many. Like all pizzas, there is no one set standard, and every pizzeria puts their own twist on it. Other then a True Neapolitan Pizza, that is governed by AVPN. We enjoy bringing all these popular styles of pizza to Fairbanks some you may have never heard of but worth a try.
Fairbanks, Alaska’s first & original Pizza Food Truck. Our Pizzas are hand crafted in our fully self contained mobile kitchen, then are stone baked @600*, in the gas fired pizza oven. “It Takes Time To Make Great Pizzas.”
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