Since y’all are my people and this is a safe space, I’m just gonna vent a little. I’m super stressed about Bess. She’s just one issue after the other and what started out as a hobby for me has just been draining our savings and as a family of 11, that’s not a good feeling. Sigh. I know God has a plan and I shouldn’t worry, but ya girl be worryin! Say a prayer that she’ll pull through and we can keep going. I don’t wanna shut it down. I love feeding y’all too much to call it quits. We are going to try the tent method next Friday and hoping that’ll be good enough to do the 18th as well… I just really don’t want to have to back outta the The Alaska Scottish Highland Games the end of June. 😭 thanks for letting me let it out and send some prayers n good vibes on this beautiful Alaskan summer day!!
I’m a Bizy at home mom of many making time for my dream and passion of baking!
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