Hey JBER Kona fans!! We are loving being able to bring Kona Ice smiles to your front door! We hope everyone is enjoying our live location tracking as we run our routes. It is our goal to continue doing this a couple times a week for the rest of the season.
A few gentle reminders as we continue our route throughout the summer as safety and smiles are our priority for both our customers and staff. -Please remind children on bicycles to not follow directly behind the truck on the road. -While we would like to be able to make multiple rounds in the same area to make sure we don’t miss anybody, it is not possible to always come back as we have many other neighborhoods to get to as well. Please do not take it out on our staff if when you call, they say they are unable to come back through. -Some stops may take a little longer than others, please know we are working as fast as possible to get to your community.
Lastly, we just want to say a huge THANK YOU for your support. We look forward to seeing you all throughout the summer and hope we can make it some of the most Kona-tastic days everyone deserves.
We’re the coolest shaved ice truck in town. Kona Ice brings the party to you! We serve Hawaiian style shave ice with over 80 delicious flavor combinations. Our low calorie Vita-Blend Konas are made with 40% less sugar and are sweetened with all natural Stevia. Infused with Vitamins C and D, it will boost your immunity and act as a powerful antioxidant. And…it’s still delicious! You can also flavor your own shave ice with our self-serve Flavorwave.
Call us today to book Kona Ice for your next celebration or fundraising event.
(907) 201-3735