Today May 5 is National Hoagie Day. Hoagies started in the East coast mostly the Philly area. So if you’re looking for a true Hoagie we can help. No waiting, we offer Hoagies everyday we’re open, and available all year. Everything from a Spicy Italian, Turkey & cheese, Roast beef, to our true Philly Cheesesteak, or maybe you’re up for a Meatball & Mozz, or even a Chicken or Egg salad, to just a Cheese Cosmo, so so many more, did I mention our Hoagie are 10″. And if you can’t have bread we’ll make it in a bowl for you. Don’t forget about our hot/sweet Pepper Relish. If you know hoagies you know about this.
Fairbanks, Alaska’s first & original Pizza Food Truck. Our Pizzas are hand crafted in our fully self contained mobile kitchen, then are stone baked @600*, in the gas fired pizza oven. “It Takes Time To Make Great Pizzas.”
(907) 490-0336