EXTRAS available for sale. Pick up in Eagle River later tonight or tomorrow at the Chevron Station
Pack #1 – 1doz – $48 3 choc pb, 2 white choc raspb cheesecake, 2 salted caramel hot cocoa, 2 vanilla & 3 pb cheesecake
Pack #2 – 1doz – $48 3 salted caramel hot cocoa, 1 white choc rasp cheesecake, 2 snickerdoodle, 1 vanilla bday and 5 pb cheesecake
Pack #3 – 10 cupcakes – $43 3 pb cheesecake, 1 white choc raspb cheesecake, 1 vanilla, 2 choc pb and 3 salted caramel hot cocoa
Comment below with which pack you want and a good email to send an invoice.
Cupcakes are suddenly the “it” sweet treat, more healthful than doughnuts and more versatile than your average cake. They’re more decadent than muffins and more interesting than a chocolate chip cookie.
My goal is to make cupcakes that are so much more than just another treat! Practically perfect in every way, so take your sweet time and enjoy!
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