☀️🛩☀️Good Saturday morning Y’ALL!☀️🛩☀️
😊It’s a BEAUTIFUL day to come out and celebrate one of the many attractions of our 💛AMAZING State of Alaska💛Aviation & Airplanes!✈️ Come out to the 🛫Great Alaska Aviation Gathering🛬located at the 🎡Alaska State Fairgrounds, Palmer, Alaska🎡 for lots of 🛩Aviation Observation and Interaction🛩as well as 😋FOOD😋FOOD😋FOOD!😋 Planes, Food Trucks & Fun, OH MY!
You can find us on the Green Trail across from the Souvenir Booth next to 🐤Birdhouse Sandwich Co.and 😍Last Frontier Funnel Cakes😍& 🍋Alaskas Lemon Earthquake Shakeup🍋 I have to keep Nonkie Bé away from their deep fried Oreos – 🤫SHHHHHHHHH.
We will be serving our Standard Menu of Cajun Faves from 10am-5pm today. ⚜️Chicken & Sausage Gumbo ⚜️Red Beans & Rice ⚜️Boudin Balls**limited availability ⚜️Spicy Andouille Po’Boy ⚜️Catfish Po’Boy ⚜️Shrimp Po’Boy ⚜️Kiddie Shrimp ⚜️Cajun Crinkles ⚜️Dis & Dat Dip
💛Y’ALL have a BEAUTIFUL Saturday!💛
Bringing Authentic Cajun Cookin’ to the Last Frontier!
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