It’s early May 2022 and I know that dozens of my friends are getting ready to do one of the most dangerous jobs in America.
My fellow Setnet fisherperson/friends at Graveyard Point, Kvichak District, Bristol Bay….be vigilant, be profitable, be safe….come home.
Your on my mind always….. Harlan Bailey
I always played this song before each season and each tide.
This song was written just for us…yawl.[0]=AT244fGM-ksr_pZe6qS3Co6MQ07jN0ZSVf1neG0aDnbRBdacF5ApfXk2Krsr_YgKgJxikzcu4zYfULLSSLwrvD4GmMZHuCwr8TJHry5IPbmd0PiVAQpYZQBrZV1dUHs7j0mUpLbZRKz_kb_xVhxefGQTu_8gvPrF2LaWgRT5lbOtp7k
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