Burgers, burgers, burgers! This Saturday is gourmet burgers. All our burgers are 100% USDA Prime grade house ground chuck.
1/2 lb gourmet burgers include pasta salad.
Katmai burger: 1/2lb burger with fresh jalapeƱo poppers and cheese $18
Tiki God: 1/2lb burger with grilled ham and pineapple with Swiss cheese and Tiki God sauce $18
Chilli burger: 1/2lb burger with house made Chilli and cheese $18
Saddle up BBQ burger: 1/2lb burger topped with fresh smoked pulled pork, slaw, fried onions, cheese and house made BBQ sauce $19.50
All American burger: 1/2lb burger topped with grilled ham or bacon, fried egg, and cheese $18
Fungus Amongus burger: 1/2lb burger loaded up with grilled mushrooms, bacon and cheese $18
Traditional: 1/2lb burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese $18
Cheese selection will vary. Please ask about available cheeses. Special begins at 11am this Saturday. 490-7375 Please no online orders.
We are a local drive through cafe that serves a broad range of made to order comfort foods and Ravens Brew Organic coffees. We take pride in using old family recipes and only the best ingredients available.
(907) 490-7375