Tomorrow is the day!! We can’t wait to see everyone at the Meadow Lakes City Center for the Grand Opening of Stepping Stones Inflatables Come get your Fresh Lemonade and Funnel Cakes to kick off the summer season right ! 🙌 With Alaskas Lemon Earthquake Shakeup[0]=AT1WDP3DCFK36gyhB-RemVVIssOfvHuc_jKjTfTiwPy9cc9HmLONERn-6zXwlBlc_SiolDzjnXIVl-TA_kJS1Q3ci3c1g5XpOKiitb_-XZZZ7PJCu0cwkzl7rCggPcTHlbF4LmdbUw_0HX0KSW_kihuHzgrzH_yP9L9x-GQpUfbY0Kc
We specialize in creating gourmet, made-from-scratch Funnel Cakes at the Anchorage Market & Festival! Look for us at other events around Alaska, too!
(907) 232-4142