Good morning BBQ fans! Its Saturday morning! When I was a youngster Saturday morning meant Cartoon time! The only day of the week we would willing get out of bed before the sun came up… where does the time go? Now instead of cartoons, it’s Smoked brisket and baby back ribs that get us out bed. I know it’s a rough life, but someone has to live it. If it wasn’t us, it would be someone else😊 We are headed to Hydrate Alaska on the Palmer Wasilla highway just before Excel Gymnastics on Columbus street. We are open from 11am-4pm Our smokehouse potato bowl today is sour cream & green onion mashed potatoes loaded with chopped brisket, a splash of babes sauce and a sprinkle of cheese for $16 Come grab one of our Famous Smokehouse Mac n Cheese piled high with your favorite BBQ meat for $14 We are looking forward to serving you today! See you soon!🥰
All food is from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. Proud Alaskans, who love to make exceptional food from high quality ingredients. Our meat is slow smoked with hickory & mesquite wood over sixteen hours. Come early to claim your favorite BBQ delights!
(907) 355-8019