I know I’ve posted a fair bit today, but there’s lots to share! Tons of swirling thoughts and emotions, but as I sit at the airport, the kids reading quietly, my beautiful bride to my left, I can’t help but think about how blessed my life is. Social media gets a bad wrap, and rightfully so at times, but let me tell you, when you use it for what it was intended for you’re gonna have a good time. I’m convinced that not only will our filters for undeserved negativity get better, but ultimately kindness is going to win out and people are going to learn how to interact with love and respect for their fellow man. If it doesn’t happen, it won’t be because I didn’t try to make it so. Thats for dang sure. . One of the biggest positives in my life is the real relationships that have been cultivated right here on this application on my telephone. Deep, meaningful friendships that I’ll cherish forever. This morning for instance I missed a phone call from my friend in Cork, Ireland (sorry @corkbbq I’ll hit you back soon). The chances of he and I ever interacting, let alone becoming friends, are slim to none without it. So yes, there are drawbacks to putting your life online, but to me, the good always outweighs the bad. Too much upside, people to interact with, people to learn from, context to be gleaned… I love it. . . I needed this trip. This photo was taken in the @thewaxahachiewhitehouse as our trip culminated with hugs and big squeezes to our friends the Wilson’s, that I met here as well. I’ll leave you with this, like anything, you get out what you put in. Put good stuff in, good people, content that inspires you, people that make you better, see what happens. . . . PS, we got a new couch that occasionally keeps stuff cold. . . . Follow me on IG: @expedition_bbq . . . #expeditionbbq #alaska #meatchurch #givegenerously #supportgoodbusiness #pittsandspitts #nomadgrills #nomad #texaspepperjelly #foxsauce #meatchurchdeacon #meatchurchprophet #jointhecongregation #brisket #chili #barbecue #steak #yeti #foodporn #bbqlife #beefribs #porkbelly #beef #madewithmeat
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