☀️⚜️☀️Happy Tuesday Y’ALL!☀️⚜️☀️
This week, you can find Nonkie Bé and his Cajun Faves at the following: 😋Friday, 04/22 from 11am-6pm at The Laughing Salmon Cannabis 😋Sat & Sun, 04/23-04/24 from 10am-5pm at the MSHBA Show at the Menard Sports Complex in Wasilla
We’ll have our Standard Menu: ⚜️Chicken & Sausage Gumbo ⚜️Red Beans & Rice ⚜️Boudin Balls**limited availability ⚜️Spicy Andouille Po’Boy ⚜️Catfish Po’Boy ⚜️Shrimp Po’Boy ⚜️Kiddie Shrimp ⚜️Cajun Crinkles ⚜️Dis & Dat Dip
We still have some availability for Reservations on our 🦐Cajun Shrimp Boil for this Friday🦐 so let us know if you need Some a Dat🤤
💛Y’ALL have a Terrific Tuesday!💛
Bringing Authentic Cajun Cookin’ to the Last Frontier!
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