Butte folks… We’re headed your way! 🥳🎉😎 Catch us today – 4/20 at MCC Flight – 12:30 – 5p. Hillbilly Kooking with Mamaw & Pops will be out there serving up some delicious eats. 🌮🥪 🍖
We will have Tipsy Scoop pints on hand. 🎉
Todays Special – Tamales from Loco Mama Tamales and Catering
On the menu today for ice cream 🍨 For Adults 🍨 German Chocolate Sundae 🍨 The Munchies Sundae 🍨 Mango Sunrise For kids 🍨 Strawberry Shortcake 🍨 Cookie Monster Sundae 🍨 Lil Grasshoppah Sundae
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The first AK Mobile Retailer of Tipsy Scoop – Liquor Infused Ice Cream. Our Vendor Trailer will be offering Tipsy Scoops & Amazing Sundaes along with Regular Scoops & Sundae options as well. Tipsy Scoop Pints are also available
(907) 357-9200