Do you want to be part of a fun, exciting team that impacts the community?
Look no further.
Kona Ice is more than just a paycheck and we’re hiring.
We provide paid training, support, encouragement, and the opportunity to have a flexible schedule. Our staff of non-traditional team members including students, retirees, and off season teachers. If you’re a fit for our team we’ll find a way to work with your schedule!
•Drivers must be 20 or older with a 2 year clean driving record. •Servers must be 15 or older •Event Coordinator should have some logistical experience.
We’re the coolest shaved ice truck in town. Kona Ice brings the party to you! We serve Hawaiian style shave ice with over 80 delicious flavor combinations. Our low calorie Vita-Blend Konas are made with 40% less sugar and are sweetened with all natural Stevia. Infused with Vitamins C and D, it will boost your immunity and act as a powerful antioxidant. And…it’s still delicious! You can also flavor your own shave ice with our self-serve Flavorwave.
Call us today to book Kona Ice for your next celebration or fundraising event.
(907) 201-3735