Hello Lumpia-Loves!!!!!
A couple of things…
1. This season will be short for me…My journeys this winter have opened up a fulfilling avenue that would roll into summer if I hadn’t put the brakes on it. I’ve ventured into residential cleaning and pet sitting. So what does this mean for The Hapunan Shack?!!
2. Lumpia will still be had this summer…I’m just going with the flow. All three ventures are challenging and crazy in their own way. I can tell you, and I feel this is a shared sentiment, I am ready for summer!
3. SO MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR JUNE 1!!! Lumpia and what other things me’n’myCrew put together for you will be at HooDoo Brewing Wednesdays JUNE & JULY. July schedule may change as there are a couple of events I’m eyeing. Again, just going with the flow homies.
Thank you❤️See You Soon❤️Much Love✌🏽
All from scratch. First come, first served. Closed for 2021 Season. See you Spring 2022! Salamat!