This has been a weird couple weeks for us, filled with a lot of reflection and thought. My grandmother started to show signs that she may not have long left, and we needed to make time to honor her while we could. I am so grateful for the time we got with her this last week. She passed last night. She was ready for her new home, and ready to see my grampa, who passed 3 years ago. She was surrounded by her children, and at peace. I was supposed to be in Texas all this last week, but knew I’d never get this time back. I mostly wanted to be present for my family, and be as helpful as we could in this time. . I’m grateful for all the love my grandmother poured out in my kids, and that they got to experience her like I did. She was my last living Grandparent, so that chapter for me is now closed. It’s odd, but it’s made it even more crucial, to me, to lead my own family well, so that when it comes time to say goodbye, we’ve said and done all we wanted to with our own lineage. Our time is so short here, and there’s so much we have yet to do. Not half of which would be possible without the wisdom of people like my grandparents who were intentional about passing it down. . I don’t normally tell folks what to do, because I hate being told what to do, but go call your Grandma today, she’d love it.
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