☀️Wow, what a beautiful day it ☀️ is in Eagle River! Spring has got to be here or just right ☀️ around the corner! ☀️
The boyz at Odd Man Rush Brewing asked if I’d come down and offer a lil food support. There’s just to many great people drinking their wonderful libations and ordering too much food, that it merited another food truck! You guys have been asking for the Philly Egg Rolls more and more, so today I wrapped up well over 100 of them just for you!! I also made up a batch of El Guapo beer cheese dip to accompany them as well as some giant Pretzels!! Of course I’ll have the other menu items to offer. I had to take care of some personal business on the back half, so I’ll be rolling in just a tad later than usual. See you tonight!
Cheers, Kaleb Chef Stop
Chef Stop has catered events up to 1,200 people in a 6 hour period. Catered over 1,000 weddings since 2007, offsite catered events and also vending in Eagle River during lunch and dinner when not catering events.
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