Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!
All 3 locations open today. Please read below for more details.
JBER 1030-6PM
ARCTIC 11am-3pm;4pm-8pm 907.561.2002 Specials (pictured) Corn beef fries – fresh cornbeef on a bed of fries topped with eggs gravy and cheese $13
Corn Beef Nilaga – fresh cornbeef, none of that can stuff. Cooked with a broth with potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Served with 2 sides $13
Sweet and sour pork
OLD SEWARD 11am-2pm;4pm-8pm 907.375.2030 Specials:
Dinakdakan $13
Pork curry $10
Fried rice w/lumpia $10
Grilled pork and curry combo $13
Jeepney by Adobo Grill is a Filipino Fusion mobile food unit. We have two units, a white food truck
(907) 375-2030