Happy St. Patty’s Day!☘️We have a few bonus boxes up for grabs for pick up today!💚
To claim just message which box you’d like, an email address to send an invoice to, and preferred time before 3:00 to pick up. First come first serve and Happy St Pat’s!☘️💚☘️
Box #1: $51 (6 Moss Green Velvet, 3 Green Velvet Cookie Monster, 3 Breakfast of Champions (chocolate stout cake, Irish cream cream cheese frosting, bourbon caramel)
Box #2: (SOLD) $51 (2 St Patty’s Day Bday, 2 Lucky Unicorn, 2 Grasshopper, 2 St. Patty’s Day Misfit, 2 St Patty’s Day PB Bomb, 2 Green Velvet Cookie Monster)
Box #3: (SOLD) $51 (2 St Patty’s Day Bday, 2 St Patty’s PB Bomb, 1 PB& Pretzel, 2 Lucky Unicorn, 4 St Patty’s Day Misfit)
Thank you!☘️💚☘️
Bake, Rattle & Roll! The best artisanal cupcakes, etc. that Anchorage has to offer! Everything made with love from scratch.
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