This was an unexpected notification. I am humbled and honored by this. My prayer has always been that the works of my hands be a blessing to those around me.
I am a second generation American born Filipino. My family on my maternal side, was able to come to the United States because my grandmother was born in Hawaii, to plantation laborers, hailing from the Northern Ilocos provinces of the Philippines. Later at the age of seven my maternal grandmother was sent to the Philippines by her father to live with relatives, there she was raised and lived for several years, never to return to the USA until her late adult years when proof of American citizenship was proven. She was then able to petition my grandfather, my mom and six other siblings to the USA. My mom, was pregnant with me at that time and gave birth to me in Hawaii.
Hawaii is full of Filipinos, several generations coming from plantation workers. It was never easy growing up Filipino, as we were looked down upon as children of immagrants who did not know much or were not smart or who were too Filipino because of accents, names and cultural pride. I strived to be the best I could be academically, being an honor student from my elementary to college years showing that Filipinos are too capable of being part of the “smart” group and that we were more than just children of immigrants.
I have always been proud of my Filipino heritage and culture and love sharing it with those unfamiliar to it. My eyes and blood rush at the excitement of sharing about my heritage and the food we eat. My love of cooking and feeding people flows in my veins from my grandmother to my mother and future generations after us. And I am so proud to be able to share my talent and culture in this way. -Donna-Flor Manalo Founder and Co-Owner Jeepney Filipino Fusion Food
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Jeepney by Adobo Grill is a Filipino Fusion mobile food unit. We have two units, a white food truck
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