Little things can have a big impact. Small businesses, hand in hand, are the backbone of this community.
Blue Flame is heating things up over here! Thank you for contributing!
If you own/operate a small business and want to show the remarkable value small businesses contribute to our community, bring in 15 cans to support the Fairbanks Community Food Bank!…[0]=AT0TkDynCLbgoorxK3YMMtvqS5gRIYN_DYc2bxJhVoz8Q8JIJOIZ59keGbVses9xaE5irb6TA8U4k3Cm4RtEAZzbTwGtfRrYflySmZ3bT4l0E6n7cmM1AVhuaoXLtGs9ss6Ag1Vhi0qwtrndATSJCiAxDxrQjBINhui5qZu2Om7_zamGroWJTiJb4bBFddmH8jwO_0U
Burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings, fish and chips reubens and daily specials, all cooked to order, hot and fresh.
(907) 750-6771