💛Good Friday Morning Y’ALL!💛
We have some news to share with you. Bobby (Nonkie Bé) and I (Jeanean) scheduled a surprise visit to our Louisiana families from 02/01-02/14. While visiting, Bobby’s Mom passed away the day before we were schedule to come home. We decided to stay to take care of the aftermath of losing a loved one. We were scheduled to fly home 02/23, with ample time to prepare for the Mardi Gras Parade of Food Trucks. Wednesday, our flight out of Dallas was canceled due to an ice storm. The soonest available flight to get home is Monday, 02/28. We will not have time to prepare our menu for the Mardi Gras Parade of Food Trucks, however ALL of the other participating Food Trucks will be preparing for Y’ALL to come out for some Mardi Gras FUN & FOOD. Bobby and I are planning to attend the Mardi Gras Parade of Food Trucks to support our fellow Food Truckers and to spread some Mardi Gras Spirit!
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