Come out this weekend for some great food and awesome races! 😎🤩
It was quite the ride but we made it 🤪 ❄️☃️
🍨 Sweet Heart Sundae 💓 🍀 Lucky Charm Sundae 🍨 2nd Breakfast Sundae 🍨 Butter Beer Sundae 🍨 Snicker Apple Sundae 🍨 Mango Sunrise
🍓 French Toast Special 🥐 Sausage, Egg Croissant ♨️ Hot Coffee, Cocoa and Cider 🥂 We brought enough Tipsy Scoop Pints to go around 🥰
Out here with us is
🥪 Hillbilly Kooking with Mamaw & Pops 🌯 Bodacious Burritos 🥯 Bitchin’ Biscuits
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The first AK Mobile Retailer of Tipsy Scoop – Liquor Infused Ice Cream. Our Vendor Trailer will be offering Tipsy Scoops & Amazing Sundaes along with Regular Scoops & Sundae options as well. Tipsy Scoop Pints are also available
(907) 357-9200